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Using your own Image!!

True Color Wallpaper gives you the opportunity to create your own customized wallpapers by using your choice of images and design ideas. With the help of our tool you can actually see how the image will look on your wall.


  • We recommend High Resolution Images (200 Dpi or more) for sharper and larger images.
  • Images be taken on a Digital Camera Larger than 8 Mega Pixels are accepted by us.
  • We accept images in these file formats: .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif, .psb, .eps, .ai and . pdf
  • Please upload your image/photo/artwork on our website using any FREE upload service such as www.wetransfer.com or www.sendspace.com
  • We also provide value-added image touch-up, enrichments and alterations on the image as per your requirements to help you get desired results.
  • Minimum wallpaper size that we accept is 40 Sq. Ft.

Free File Checking Service

If you are not sure that your wallpaper is suitable for printing, just upload the artwork and enter your wallpaper print size and we will email you back a free report on your image file’s suitability. The report will guide you the right size the wallpaper can be printed in and also if the picture is getting pixelated or not.

For more information, please email us on +91-9818846795 or email us at info@truecolorwallpapers.com

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